The company history of Berndorf Bäderbau is told between the great past and the exciting future.

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The history of Berndorf Bäderbau

Premium swimming pools from Berndorf Bäderbau have a design quality and technicality that makes them a great investment for generations and decades to come. Nevertheless, there is only one moment that counts: the sensual experience in the here and now, when time is suspended. Memories that remain. The joy of children who later, when they are parents themselves, think back to their own childhood. Berndorf Bäderbau swimming pools are both: they are for just that moment, and for eternity.

In 1843, the industrialists Alfred Krupp and Alexander Schoeller founded “k.k. private Metallwarenfabrik”. The foundation stone for Berndorf AG was laid.

Today, Berndorf AG is the holding of a group of industrial companies working worldwide. As well as pool construction, its core skills are in the automotive, toolmaking, heat treatment, belt and belt systems, press plates, process engineering, mechatronics and joint venture sectors. Subsidiaries and affiliates of the Berndorf Group currently employ around 2,300 employees in over 20 countries world-wide. Expertise, experience, skill and international networks mean that the Berndorf Group of enterprises are market leaders worldwide, operating in key industry segments.

As a subsidiary, Berndorf Bäderbau has been a leading manufacturer of stainless steel swimming pool installations since 1960, with its own subsidiaries and sales branches throughout Europe. The Berndorf Bäderbau headquarters is located in Berndorf in Lower Austria, where the corporate headquarters are also located.

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You can view all the business units of the Berndorf Bäderbau Group as well as the parent company Berndorf AG here.

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