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Personalise your bathing area.


With a sophisticated lighting concept you can design your bathing landscape individually and set atmospheric highlights. You can choose between LED underwater lights or fiber optic illumination.
LED underwater lights are available in white or RGB.
Light conductors of glass fiber or special plastics conduct the light created by the projector evenly along the whole path to the light outlet opening in the pool.

Multimedia Stage
Installed at Leukerbad-Therme (Switzerland) this exceptional stage offers illumination, water, fire and music effects. The sensational composition between all elements and the music provides an impressive and intense bathing experience.
Convince yourself:

Coloured Pool Areas

A figure, a text or your logo - although a stainless steel pool is already something inherently special, there are many more possibilities for a personal pool design.
Any design can be carried out and appears as a dark picture on pool bottom or island surface.
Absolutely resistant to light, ageing or weather. Cleaning is just as easy as in the rest of the stainless steel pool.




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